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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to import tasks from other programs

You can import holidays and other events stored in the iCalendar file (*.ics). The iCalendar format is currently the most supported and widely used standard to interoperate

How to install Task-Reminder on Windows 8

Since the v.2.100 Task-Reminder targets .NET 4.0 which is default installed on Windows 8. There are no additional steps required for installig the program on Windows

How to set the time interval between notifications in the notification area of windows task bar?

As default the time interval between notifications is set to 6 hours but you can set it to any other value in minutes. For changing the value please do the following:

How to sort columns?

To sort a column just click a column header. To revert sorting click this header again. To sort multiple column press and hold the Shift key on the keyboard and click

How to restore default columns and their sorting order?

Just click the button "Columns" and then "Restore default". Back to FAQ

How to change location of the task database file

To change location of the task database: Select the Data ribbon page (main menu item) in Task-Reminder. Press the Show button. Windows Explorer opens and selects the

How to restore tasks from the backup files

What is backup? Once a day a backup file is created if there is at least one task defined. The backup file is created in the same directory the database file is stored

How to change amount of the backup files

Changing the amount of the backup files is possible only by editing the configuration file of Task-Reminder. This file is default located in the following location

How to activate Task-Reminder PRO version?

After purchasing the PRO version of Task-Reminder you get an email with the key file (*.keyDR) attached. Copy the file *.keyDR in a secure place, not accessible for

How to install Task-Reminder Portable Version?

Task-Reminder Portable does not differ from the installed version using DesktopReminderSetup.exe. For using the portable version the following steps must be made: Download

How to show the main program window with the task list after Windows start/boot?

Showing the task list can be configured in the program options. "Start with Windows" check box must be selected. In the "After Windows start" drop-down list one of the

How to change the "Remind later" interval?

As default the "Remind later" button repeats the alarm in 5 minutes. Since Task-Reminder v. 2.117 some other value can be set by modifying the program configuration

Can task categories be modified?

Since Task-Reminder 2.52 categories can be customized in the Task-Reminder PRO. Back to FAQ

Why there is no history for tasks which are done

Storing only information about completed tasks in a list tells us nothing about the context the tasks were done. Task-Reminder follows the following way: Task comes

Desktop Reminder does not work any more. What to do?

In a rare case of corrupting the program settings Task-Reminder v.2.56 and earlier cannot work anymore. The easiest solution is downloading and installing the latest

Can Task-Reminder be used in a multi user environment

Theoretically Task-Reminder can share the same database file between multiple program instances. Task-Reminder PRO can detect automatically if the database was

Task-Reminder has stopped working if AVG-Antivirus is active

Since August 2015, after an update of AVG-Antivirus, Task-Reminder crashes during text typing if AVG is active. The following error message is shown in this case

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